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I attended one of John Wimberley's workshops last summer. I used roll film with gentle, frequent agitation as directed in the data sheets accompanying WD2D+. Film came out nice and even, nice and sharp, nicely stained.

John himself uses constant gentle agitation in trays for sheet film.

This is a very good, proven developer. (Don't just take my word for it, try to see some of John's prints!) I'd suggest that if you want to find out if it works for stand development, that you give it a try with a roll/sheet of test film. That way, you'll know.

Peter Gomena
1.) John is great. He will answer emails from complete nobodies in attempts to get some aspect of WD2D+ under control. Those of you in the bay area, go to the K&S store in Palo Alto. There is a Wimberley print hung at the bottom of the stairs going up to the darkroom supply area. Naaaahce!

2.) Agitation is 15 seconds out of every 30. A lot, not suited to the nights when I want to agitate once every minute, three inversions, but sometimes you make the sacrifice.

3.) I did some HP5+ 2x3 sheets in this the other week. I generally am not impresed with HP5+ but all I can say is... WOW! The tonal range is such that I am going to be challenged pulling it all together on a piece of printing paper.

4.) If you like it with 400 speed film, wait till you see it on 100-125 speed film.

tim in san jose