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Thread: Bulk Loader

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodyear
    What do Jessops sell theirs for? I seem to recall being struck by how expensive it was.
    According to the Jessops Web page, it's 20 pounds. (Sorry, I'm in the US and have no "pound" symbol on my keyboard.)

    I have three, variously a Watson and two Computrols (which are Watson clones, it seems to me), the cheapest of which cost me 99p and the most expensive a fiver. Eb*y is the place to be for these things.
    That's how I bought both of my bulk loaders. Others have said they worry about light leaks in used loaders, and that's fair enough. Something you wouldn't notice on visual inspection could ruin a roll of film that'd be close to the cost of a new bulk loader. Given that most used loaders are probably fine, you're probably better off buying used, statistically speaking, but peace of mind is certainly worth something, too.

    It would be even better if I could find any Neopan 400 left in bulk, but it appears to be all gone.
    You could try the Megaperls Japan Shop. This is a Japanese outfit that ships worldwide. Their Web site is in English. They've got Neopan 400 "Presto" for 3,522 yen. (That's US$31.34 or 17.67 British pounds, according to one online currency converter I found.) Of course, shipping will be extra, and almost certainly more than domestic shipping would be. I don't know if "Presto" is just a Japanese-market part of the name or if this is a new emulsion, so you might want to research this before ordering. Another option is B&H, which has Neopan 400 bulk rolls for US$37.95. Again, you'd pay international shipping rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flotsam
    Yes, you make perfect sense.
    The Watson exposes a fairly long piece of the tail of the film. If you are like me and shoot until you feel tension on the film, it is then that you realize that the last one or two frames that you shot are ruined. The Lloyds only forces you pull a short amount of film to attach it to the spool but some people are leery about the felt light trap that they use.
    The AP gives the best of both worlds. An open gate and a very short length of exposed film at the spool. I wind until the lever won't throw anymore and never lose the last frame on the roll. There is a half inch or so of clear film between the last frame and the exposed end. Just pull out the absolute minimum needed to tape the film to the spool.
    Thanks Flotsam. I have learned a little more about the AP.
    Thanks to all of you

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    I'm a bit late to this discussion, but just wanted to add my 2 cent's worth...

    I've been using "Kaiser" brand loader:

    - which seems to be the same as AP or "Bobinquick" mentioned previously (i.e. square, "boxy" type).

    It's a great loader, never had any problems with it. Film (casette) counter works flawlessly, remaining (reel) film counter also...

    What's best, you practically don't lose ANY frames at the end of a roll, since the exposed film length is 1 centimeter max.!

    I recently got another loader - a Watson bulk loader, and I must say that it's a piece of worthless <insert expletive here>!

    I've had to read the instructions several times (worthless and incorrect!), and only after reading some info on the Internet I got the hang of it.

    The worst thing is that I realized I'd lose AT LEAST 3-4 frames at the end of the rool if I load my casettes in daylight using this loader! What the *****?!!

    I mean, that thing is useless!! Off to the garbage can - or, better, to the museum of worst product designs ever
    And to think that the ad on the box cover proudly states: "Save up to 50% on film costs!"
    (Yeah, right.....)

    In short, my warm recommendation for the AP/Jessops/Bobinquick loader.

    For anyone starting with bulk loading - stay away from Watsons and clones


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