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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Grenier
    Hi there.
    Back in the 80s, I used Oriental Seagull (FB Graded)
    exclusively. And then, it kind of disappeared for a while.
    Shopping for sources I came across
    www.central-camera.com . They are a
    Chicago dealer. Huge selection of Bergger,
    Forte, Ilford, and Oriental. For those that go
    for RC, Oriental has the greatest selection of
    Graded RC I've ever seen. Grades 2, 3, and 4
    in 3 surfaces. Give them a look. Dan

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    I have used both the old Oriental (from about the 70's-80's I believe. Some baby blue box, some white and baby blue box) and I have also used the new Oriental with the black circle. I have also used an oriental paper that was in a silver package, not sure of the date.

    I am not one to do tests and all that stuff, but a few things I observed was the new Seagull was ALOT warmer (when developed in Dektol) compaired to the older Seagull that was cool tone.

    The newer papers seemed somewhat "lifeless" also, and did not have the same quality to it.

    However, I still think the new oriental is decent paper, and have seen many great prints on it. I suggest buying a small pack and see how you like it!

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