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    Yeah, getting a new bottle is safest - it just means driving the opposite way from work than home and when the photo store is open.

    and HDPE = high density polyethylene, PETE = polyethylene teraphalate, so I wouldn't expect a huge difference between the two. Glass would be the way to go. I think I'm going to look for a decent bottle and some glass marbles (good idea, Jim).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxphoto
    I am thinking of those bottles with a bellow that you can
    push the air out. Anyone tried those things yet?
    I bought one and immediately put it in the don't use it
    box. Opaque, bellows, who knows what evil lurks within.

    Clear fully transparent Glass Boston Rounds, amber or
    colorless are the way to go. Be sure you've the Polyseal
    or Polycone screw caps with insert corks for the bottles.
    I suggest a dozen each of the 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32
    liter sizes. The 1/32 is actually a little over size.

    I've spent the last couple of evenings cleaning my shelf
    of some 1 ounce bottles of one year old working
    strength Ansco 120 print developer. All OK.

    I use a splits method of dividing up concentrate, stock,
    and working strength chemistry. All bottles are always
    full. Known dilutions by addition of H2O preclude the
    use of other bottle fillers. Dan

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    I use 1 gallon brown glass bottles. You can get them free or very cheaply from a pharmacy. Most liquid medicines are shipped this way and then dispensed in much smaller amounts.The empty bottles are usually trashed or recycled. I got a couple dozen this way at no cost and after a thorough wash they are great. Potassium Ferracyanide (if used carefully) is a good cleaning agent and removes all traces of the former contents.
    Oh I almost forgot. Before you seal the bottle use a plastic tube and blow your breath into the air space in the bottle. The carbon dioxide displaces the oxygen and helps the chemical last longer.

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