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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc .
    Is your #3 method is for N- ?
    Can you describe the results? Marc
    I've not tried the method. The method derives from a
    technique described by Steve Anchell in Camera and
    Darkroom. The usual A and B processing is used but
    the film is cycled through two or more times.

    Twixt the B and return to A, IIRC, a weak stop and
    rinse or rinses were required. Required because of the
    multiple use of the solutions. I gave the matter some
    thought. It came to mind that two cycles could be
    had with one pass through the developer.

    Cycle one, the film is loaded with activator then placed
    in the developer where the activator is expended.
    Cycle two, the film loads with developer then is placed
    back in the activator where the developer is expended.

    I may have pulled out another plum! If you know
    what I mean. Dan

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    "Three and likely more. #3; presoak in B then into
    A then back to B. One-shot usage."

    "A starting point could be: A bath, 1 gram metol and 5 of
    sulfite; B bath, 5 grams of sulfite or borax or bicarbonate
    or carbonate or a blend of two or three of those. All 1
    liter. I've not any metaborate so will not mention it."

    I'm going to amend that starting point suggestion.
    Because the film is twice developed it likely better if the
    A bath be inactive. That would make the A bath ph neutral
    or close. A correct blend of S. sulfite and S. bisufite will do it.
    Then again metol is an acid. If 2 grams of sulfite alone be
    added to 1 gram of metol that may be enough near
    neutral. Use soon after mixing.

    A blend of bicarbonate and carbonate will have a ph
    some where twixt the extremes of the two. I'd likely
    start with carbonate alone.

    To process give three minutes in each solution; B then
    A then B. Perhaps the N minus group will not take the speed
    hit they now take with conventional processing.

    "As was suggested development is usually well under way
    in the A bath by times up. S. sulfite is a medium strength
    alkali. Anchell, in some of his formulas, includes bisulfite
    which reduces the ph. A baths are usually very
    D-23 in character." Dan

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