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    So many developers......

    Too bad, no more Acutol. Oh well.

    I'd like to try PC-TEA, and Aculux 3 too, but right now I'm between proper darkrooms and not in a good place to be testing new formulas. I'm coming off of a long stint with APX400 with Rodinal 1:25. Moving back to Tri-x. TX/Rodinal is beautiful, but currently I don't want that much grain. Acutol/HP5 was really sweet..... Anyways! Pyrocat/HP5 also great combo, but I shy away from fast 35mm films and staining developers because I either want no grain, or GRAIN, not masked in the middle grain in my prints. Acutol struck a nice balance with high acutance, fine yet sharp grain, and nice tonality. I played around with FX-2 as well, but too grainy for my current use. Heck, I'll probably just toss it and use D76 1:1 !

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    For acros, I would recommend FX-39 or Pyrocat HD. FX39 will produce great acutance and control highlights nicely, and good speed, but poss a tiny bit less speed than Acutol, which I found gave well over box speed if using a spot meter. Pyrocat HD gives me approx half to 2/3 box speed for silver printing. FX-39 is also very nice with FP4+ and on a recent 20x16 print the hairs on a boys head looked incredibly crisp, but natural. Helped him stand out as the subject. Less fine grain than ID11/D75, but better acutance by far.

    I use FX-39 1+9 and have even tried it with faster films such as TriX, where it produces amazingly sharp prints at 16x12, but above this tonality is starting to break apart very noticeably. Fine for gritty scenes, bad for smooth tones.
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