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    Quote Originally Posted by borgida View Post
    I basically take the negative and look at it with a 10x loupe. There you can really see the grain. Also, I scan the negs with a Howtek 4500 drum scanner and I zoom to see the grain to match the grain to the micron.
    I think that you have set up a requirement that no film/developer combination could pass. If you are using 4x5 film then grain is immaterial as it will not appear in any reasonable size enlargement viewed at its proper viewing distance. You should be inspecting prints of the magnification you wish to use. With LF negatives you should be more concerned with gradation.

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    I agree with Gerald (I usually do), even with 35 mm these days. Maybe it's my 79 year old eyes, but if I can view an 8x10 print at 12 inches with my reading glasses in place and only think about subject and gradations, I don't look any closer. In other words, I abhor grain sniffing as we used to call it. If grain steers me away from the essentials, then it's probably not a very good photograph to start. You have to know that the usual rules for such things as hyperfocal distance do not apply to prints viewed at other than the distance for proper perspective.
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    After all the testing, here is what I found out:

    Efke 25 is the best film in terms of gradation and tight grain. Efke 25 worked best in Pyrocat MC. PMK Pyro and Pcat MC had the same gradation but MC had much better definition.

    Pan F seems to work best in PMK Pyro.


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