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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Miller View Post
    I remember the offer, did you get a full refund?
    For myself my one minor complaint was dealt with very promptly.
    They didn't refund the P&P charge until I wrote and reminded them formally of their obligation under the Distance Selling Regulations (my email request was ignored). The basis of their P&P charges is not stated. It appears to be related to price of the goods rather than their weight, which is not very satisfactory.

    If I had received something resembling an apology I might not have bothered to return the goods, but failure to disclose that film is several years out of date is what I might have to put up with from a less than honest private seller on Ebay, but not from a business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vickersdc View Post
    These comments about Retrophotographic are very interesting... I ordered 2 boxes of Rollei Retro 400 over the phone two weeks ago. After a week of waiting I rang them up and was told that they had made an error and had not put the order against my name and address -

    It's a small world. I ordered some Adox paper and the same thing happened. When I rang I got a lady who could not help me because she did not take the order. When I got through to the chap I ordered from he said the placed the order against someone else's name. To be fair he did send my paper special delivery and I got it next day.

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    Just had my first experience of Retro, which wasn't great - my main gripe is -why have a telephone answering service and e-mail if you don't bother to answer them!?!

    Still I've now got my fils and can get on with the important part of the transaction! Won't be rushing back though, which is a pity - the website is great!!

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