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    Michael Becotte and Lith Printing (Ideas for Minox)

    After many years of looking I finally found a nice signed copy of Michale Becotte's 1975 book "Space Capsule."

    The images in the book certainly look like examples of lith printing to me. I will have to admit I have been processing my own B&W film and paper since 1973 but only in the last few years had I ever heard of Lith Printing (it seemed like in 1973 'solarization' was the rage). I have yet to try lith printing for myself.

    If these Becotte prints are expamples of Lith Printing it is interesting for me because, while in art school ,I had been much a follower of the 'straight photography' of those like Winogrand and Friedlander. Becotte is somewhat of a Firedlander spin off and he has certainly done something that I like with his technique to make these images very dramatic.

    How this all relates to my current work is that I am working in a similar style with the Minox. Already my Minox prints have some qualities of lith printing in that I need very contrasty paper (because my LX lens, as I suspect many other Minox lenses, is very low contrast).

    Anyway, my big idea is to try lith printing with my Minox negatives. I don't recall seeing examples of lith printed Minox on either any of the Minox web sites or in any of the popular lith printing books.

    Any thoughts or suggestions by you lith printers out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ic-racer View Post
    Any thoughts or suggestions by you lith printers out there?
    Although I've done very little lith printing I do know the
    special developer needed can be a very easy home brew.
    If interested and up to compounding at home an easy lith
    PRINT developer let me know. Dan



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