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    Kodak TMX 100 11x14 sheet film order

    Hello I am thinking about doing a special order for this film it comes in 10 film sheet boxes only. It will be $125.00 a box not including shipping.... I will need to order a minimum of 70 boxes to place the order... If anyone is interested in becoming part of this order please send me a message... Items will have to paid to me before I can place the order.... No COD... This order is suppose to take between 6 to 10 weeks to be fullfilled and delivered to me... I am going to do these twice a year... If anyone is interested let me know... I will also soon be stocking some Adox Papers & Films, but the date is not set as of yet too when that will begin...

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    It might be of interest to you to know that Tmax 100 has been recognized for some time as being a poor film for ULF photography because of the effects on UV transmission.

    Most of the people shooting ULF are involved in alt process and that usually indicates exposure with UV.

    That having been said, I wish you best in your endeavors.
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