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Thanks all!

It seams I've lots of reading to do...

In the meanwhile I'll try to do my first shots this week just to start learning how to use the camera, I'll use tray development first even if just to get a feel of it.

In the meanwhile I'll probably try to get a Jobo Tank, as I'm used to using these in other formats, I already have the washing system for them, and from your posts it seams that after all there are some possibilities for getting them in Europe.


I've recently switched to Jobo (with motor base/lift) from using an HP combi-plan T for 4x5 development.

The combi-plan worked great. Yes, it leaked slightly, but I just loaded an extra 50mL of chemistry to compensate. Yes, if you weren't careful loading film it could jump the tracks and touch the other sheets.

Loading the HP combi-plan film holder was much easier than loading the 2509 reels for the Jobo (I don't have the loader base - those are really expensive).

On the other hand, the Jobo uses barely more than 1/4 the chemistry that the combi-plan did.

So far I've ruined exactly one batch of negatives with the combi-plan (out of 20-30) and 2 with the Jobo (out of 5-10). Hopefully that's just learning curve on the Jobo side of things, not inherent flaws.

The Jobo also gives uneven development where the reel holds the film. I have to crop a little more off the edges than I did on the combi-plan.

I'm still not going to switch back, because the motorized agitation and easy chemistry changes using the lift make developing much less onerous. There's no point shooting film if I never get around to developing it.