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Thread: curisoity

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    Thanks for that piece of information about Brilliant and Bergger. I will definitly give it a try. There was a time back in the late 70's when there was fear of all fiber based b&w paper going RC. I remember Picker horded a paper called Ilfomar. He sold Ilfobrom for years which I bought plenty of.

    Today that fear of all RC paper being replaced with the fear of all digital. Now there are many different choices of fiber based b&w papers to choose from as well as b&w film. Now Kodak putting their new b&w film factory into full production. I would not be surprised to see Kodak come out with more paper to go with their film. Fuji now looks to be trying to take on Big yellow in b&w as they did with color. The way I see it, the traditional b&w process is going to around for some time to come.
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    bit off-topic, but...

    I got given a variety of half used and unopened paper recently and the other night I decided to test it to see if any was any good. I also had some Ilfospeed RC of my own I'd been moving from garage to garage for many years!

    The Ilfospeed actually is almost useable! Slightly fogged but probably could get away with it on the 'right' image. Any MG III was stuffed, including unopened (a box of 100 5x7's) stuff. I eagerly opened a pkt of Agfa Boriva (spelling?) only find one and a bit sheets left It tested fine, but how to make a print with the remaining sheet... Also some Ilfobrom which seemed fine. Some Agfa RC was gone, some ok (might have been fairly new).

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    How long does paper keep? Agfa Portriga was always my favorite. Is it possible that someone's got some somewhere and it would still actually work? I had given up all hope.

    Also, unrelated, does Fuji have BW paper? They seemed to have really crashed the color reversal party with their Crystal Archive. But I don't think I've ever heard of or seen a Fuji BW paper, RC or FB.

    David G Hall

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