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snip...But I transfer the key data to record sheets when I develop the negs because then I can file these together. Otherwise I'm always trying to find the right bit of data in the right notebook when I want to look something up. Looking back over old notebooks, it's interesting to me to see how what I thought was important to record has changed over time.
I store my 8x10 negs in 4-fold paper envelopes (by Conservation Resources, Inc). All the data from the Rite-in-the-Rain gets written on the envelopes for each negative.

The notebooks have become a photographing diary in a way -- fun to go back and see where I have been these past 25 years! I have not entered impressions etc...in a way I wish I had, but I probably will not in the future either...too lazy or moving too fast, or a 100 other lame excuses!