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Thread: PyroCat HD

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    Feb 2003
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    I have just read through this whole thread and wish to thank Sandy for providing me and most certainly others with a wealth of information.

    In regards to the solution ratio debate, I (and I believe probably most others) could not give a damn about how the "official" way of doing it is. In Sandy's explanations he gives a simple example (which is both illustrative as well as a working example) of how to achieve the appropriate mix for the application.

    If I want to adjust the total volume of solution "B" or determine how much of a specific chemical I wish to buy I can easily do that by performing simple arithmetic on the examples given.

    After awhile reading silly "just to be right" replies gets to be a little tiring. Thankfully Sandy preserved and we all received the useful information intended from this thread.

    Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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    Now now Greywolf, do we need to get out and take some pics? Or is the snow getting to ya LOL! I agree with you, but for some the chemistry side of it is part of the enjoyment. Not mine, but then you'd never get me printing step wedges either!

    Just joking here old buddy.


    "civility is not a sign of weakness" JFK

    "The Dude abides" - the Dude

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    Nov 2002
    I just tried the 2:2:100 dilution over the weekend, and it worked out pretty well for me over 1:2:100 (for alt processes).

    By the way, I just noticed you can buy Pyrocat-HD kits from Photographers' Formulary, if you don't like mixing it yourself (which is really easy, by the way). http://www.photoformulary.com/filmdev.htm

    $11.95 USD for 10 L working solution (I'm guessing that's at a 1:1:100 dilution). I'd have to look at prices next time I need to buy chemicals, but I'm sure it's cheaper mixing it yourself.

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    There is no question but that mixing Pyrocat-HD from scratch will work out to be a lot less expensive than buying the kit.

    Just a word or two on mixing. Mixing of Pyrocat-HD from scratch is pretty routine but there are two areas where some extra instructions might come in hand.

    First, phenidone is rather hard to get into solution. A solution to this problem is to first mix the phenidone with a small amount of alcohol (90% isopropyl best) and then add this to the stock mixture. Be assured that this will have no impact on the working qualities of the developer.

    Also, when mixing the potassium carbonate please be sure to add the carbonate to the water very slowly, while mixing. When mixing the carbonate with water an exothermic reaction takes place and if one adds the carbonate too fast to the water the solution will get very hot.

    Finally, do allow the stock solutions to stand for an hour or so to allow all of the chemicals to go into solution.

    Sandy King

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    Another convert here!

    Finally got around to a "proper" test - with the stock I mixed a month ago. The negs I developed then were inconclusive, as I used a new (to me) film, a new (to me) developer, a new (to me) process - inspection - in my new darkroom. Too many variables...

    This time I developed two rolls of Ilford Pan F+ for 9 minutes using 1:1:60 dilution. Beautiful negatives, with full details in both shadows and (extreme) highlights.

    A third roll, Kodak Plus-X, also looks promising at 8min; but as I'm not that familiar with this emulsion I can't evaluate it before printing.

    BTW, I used 6.3g Sodium Carbonate instead of stock B. Thanks, Sandy, for measuring your solution!
    -- Ole Tjugen, Luddite Elitist

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