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I've eliminated pinholes by adding a couple of drops of Edwal LFN to the developer. I don't presoak. The Ortho 25 and Pan 25 films have become regulars in my shooting.

Is that a religious explanation for why you don't have pinholes, or does the alcohol actually do something. Pinholes wouldn't be fixed by alcohol, its irrelevant to the problem. The problem is the very fragile emulsion, which is either defected upon arrival, or agitated and flaked off from neutralization of the alkalinity of developer by the acidic stop bath. Alcohol shouldnt do anything, the solution would be to be more careful with the film by either using stand development and agitating lightly, or placing the films in trays for development. Also using a gelatin hardener in the stop bath or fixer, or simply using a tanning developer such as Pyro, or Hydroquinone in some cases.. What developer do you use when you develop your Ortho 25 and Pan 25?