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    PMK and Acros, Tmax and FP4+

    I have perused some of the prior PMK posts. I finally broke down and decided to try out staining developers. PMK was easier to obtain since B&H is willing to ship it but not willing to ship Pyrocat HD (I ordered the premixed liquid concentrate version). I realize that Photographer's Formulary will ship both but I was being impatient and was ordering other items from B&H anyway, moreover I do have Gordon Hutchings book which I felt might help. I intend to use TF4 as my fix. The film is mostly 4x5.

    Any experience with PMK use with Acros, Tmax 100, and FP4+ is appreciated. I will likely develop film that I had already shot with the intention of developing with non-staining developers and therefore had exposed the Tmax and Acros at an EI of 80. I have usually exposed FP4+ at box speed (125) in the past since my testing it with my usual developers gives me a true speed of approx 160 to 200. I may therefore hold off on developing any of my old FP4+ film until I shoot more (probably at EI 64) and start with that. What about HP5+, which I occasionally use?

    Am I wildly off as to the EI of Tmax and Acros? Any advice regarding developing? I intend to develop using an HP combitank daylight tank. I will likely skip the post fix soak. Printing will be by enlargement using mainly graded paper but I occasionally use VC paper. Unfortunately my main enlarger (older LPL 4500) does not allow me to take the filters out of the light path. I have historically used the 5 filter setting with the graded paper and non-stained negatives since my testing in the past showed that the 5 filter yielded significantly shorter times with graded paper. I do have a Durst 138 in the basement with both the condenser head and a cold light head but the rest of the setup there is far less convenient (no running water plus other inconveniences).



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    Hi Hany,
    I use TMX 100 Readyloads and develop them in PMK pyro. For what its worth I rate the film at ISO 80 and dev. for 12min.(N) @ 21*C (70*F). With continuous agitation for the first minute and 2 inversions (approx. 5-10 seconds) every 30 seconds thereafter. At best this is only a ball park figure which suits my printing style and enlarger set up. You may need to find what suits your style of printing.

    FP4+, ISO 64 dev. for 10 min.(N), everything else as TMX 100.

    I've tried Acros Quickloads in PMK and it didn't go down too well, odd marks. However in Rodinal it was perfect. Haven't tried Pyrocat-HD with this combo yet.

    I use Combi Plan tanks.

    Hope this is of some help.

    All the best,



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