i've had ilford panf 50 go through the airport in the undercarriage and it came out bogus from the xrays. on that note i've lived in ontario, bc and alberta and have had hundreds of dollars of film and paper shipped from the states via airmail, ground, and just about everything else and have NEVER had a single problem EVER with getting film and paper shipped from the states. aparently (so i hear and it makes sense) paper is slower than film so it's way less likely to get scabbed by xrays.

that being said i've never had anything over 800iso film shipped to my door. what i usually ask the supplier is if they can mark it "photographic material, do not xray - hand inspection okay". when i buy from a supplier in the states i also always ask if they can give me a percentage of people who contact them to say their film was ruined by xrays. they almost always answer "never" or "a couple of people", so you can either (a) assume that the people who got scabbed film from xraying are lying to get money from the company, free film or dicounts on a future purchase, or (b) assume that they screwed up the film themselves and blamed the xrays (as i almost did once, but quickly i realized my developer was spoiled) or (c) take a chance as the number is so low it's probably worth taking a chance.

if you can get the supplier to gaurentee the film against xrays, bonus. if not, you can take from my experience over the last 7 years and probably getting about 5 shipments a year (for a total of 35 shipments) of photographic materials being 100% fine. it's pretty good odds. living in canada is really lame for ordering film. i live in edmonton right now and can't find a single store that sells black and white photo paper over 8x10, let alone have a selection. i try to win items of ebay in canada first if i can to eliminate the risk. unfortuneately most of the time i order from the states and i'm left holding my breath while developing film and paper. fortuneately i've always been able to exhale.