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    I use fresh fixer for my film because that is the one thing I can't redo. I also use fresh fixer for my 2nd fix bath when archival printing. I use used fixer for my 1st bath or when only fixing proof or work prints. I use the exating scince of 'guesstimation' to determine when the fix is exhausted. My methods may not be the best, but I don't like cutting corners when it comes to long term things (negatives, hanging prints).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoo Batchelor View Post
    Please take a look at the link below;

    Now, as this is an article on silver recovery from darkroom fixers,
    and it also warns of the dangers of discharging used fixer in to
    the enviroment, I can only assume that there is a silver
    content in used fixer.
    At what point a fixer reaches a point where as it becomes
    a hazard does not concern me. The fact is that used fixer will
    have silver particles, or what ever word you wish to use, in it.
    As this silver is capable of attaching itself to surfaces, in
    this instance it would be the soft emulsion of my film,
    I have chosen that during my own development
    routine I do not wish to subject my film to
    such a risk, however small.

    Yes, as this post proves there are many APUGers re-using
    fixer with no complaint, and they are very happy with their
    results, as I am with mine. So there is no reason for any of
    us to change our development routines. Regards Stoo
    That article has to do with the specific means by which the
    silver may be extracted from a used fixer solution. The means
    detailed uses an active metal to reduce the silver thereby
    plating the silver out of solution. Electrolytic means are
    also used.

    Again; off hand I can think of nothing we might have around
    the darkroom which would cause the precipitation of metallic
    silver from within a fixer solution. Dan

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