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John-I can't see any benefit for using a two bath for the VC paper. with graded there is amidol with a water bath which is by far the best method I have ever used; although it will also work with dektol and a water bath...just not as long lasting or as fast....
Best, Peter
Oh, but there can be.

Perhaps I may quote from Wolfgang Moersch in my recent 'World of Lith Printing'. We are discussing 2-bath lith processes, which are an extension of the 2 developer concept. He is talking here about the 'pushed' negative:

"The shadows are thin and the highlights too dense and even with most skilful split-grading the two ends of the curve cannot both be properly captured on the paper. Here only the two-bath technique can help and the greater the difference in the way the two developers work the more variable the results can be - and nothing beats the Lith + Amidol combination. "

We do a number of 2-bath processes on my lith workshops, with the first being lith developer - but the concept is the same. The results just a bit more apparent.

Incidentally, I second the endorsement of amidol. For 2 bath with Lith my preference for technical and practical reasons is for Weston's amidol, also available in kit form from 'The Formulary'. Using it as a 2 bath and a waterbath with the very warm Fomatone MG is quality of the resulting duotone prints is wonderful.