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    I have been keeping deionised water in a wine cask in the beer fridge for this in Brisbane. The most important (to my mind) is the first stages of process and for the rinse I gradually let it rise to the tap water temp. A bucket of iced water (no special treatment, perhaps some Calgon, but cooled w ice cubes) slowly rises to ambient which will do no special harm is for rinsing. It's a challenge indeed. The bucket water becomes the rinse water.

    It can be really hard to keep the tank cool but I let it float in the bucket especially if I'm using a stand developer like, say, a Beutler. If you don't watch out (as I'm sure you know) the temp in the tank can soar during a 30 or more development time.

    The cask water is usually enough for 1 film.

    Brisbane, Oz

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    I too have had issues with wash water being too hot. A few days ago the incoming water was 27.8C after being run a while when the cooler water started coming in.

    I use a re-usable plastic, "Freeza Pak" made by Willow Australia. They are a sealed bluish looking 1 litre flat plastic bottle filled with something designed to be frozen in your freezer, over and over again. Usually you stash these in your esky, to keep food chilled in summertime.

    Using these is much easier than using ice cubes in a plastic bag or plopping them straight into your water.

    I also pop them into the Jobo to cool the water down to 22C I hear the thermostat clicking on and off when it's on. The good part is that when finished you just wipe it clean, then pop them back into the freezer.


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    Other than what's been already suggested, another option might be rigging a Peltier cooler to the cold water pipe. As they're normally designed for CPU cooling, it would likely involve rigging a heat sink, exhaust fan, and power source, but I think it can be done - I found a guy who used one for beer cooling.
    i can't wait to take a picture of my thumb with this beautiful camera.

    - phirehouse, after buying a camera in the classifieds

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