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    Curve relationships

    One of the few things that I still have from EK is a curve that I hand drew of film, paper and a print. The only comment I can add is that the paper curve is drawn just a bit on the underexposed side or too far left. And, the print curve should match the paper curve at some meaningful density rather than being arbitrary as it is here.

    Also, the print curve toe and shoulder are sharper than they would be in real-life due to the multiplication factor of the lower contrasts. So, in the toe of the paper, where contrast might be 0.1 and the film is 0.6, then the print will be 0.06 and this is how we lose detail. I did not show that.

    You can see the latitude of the paper (at 2.5) can delineate the possible latitude of the film that can be expressed in the print of that film. Sliding the paper curve back and forth on the film curve is equivalent to changing the exposure. Left is underexposure and right is overexposure. The total film curve is not shown in this example.

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