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    I speak not about other films with brand-names, but I speak about a low speed microfilm like Agfa Copex HDP, it has even in the best low gamma developers no overexposure-latitude, because this emulsion was changed in 2000 from Copex Pan to Copex HDP with enhanced gold-sensibilisation. The reason was, that a lot of not well-trained users were working with too strong used developers, and speed of developed films was lost. A higher gold-sensitated film in bad old developers will not loss its speed. But too much gold ruins the latitude, not for documentation, but for a (not from the emulsion people planned) pictorial use. Microfilms have always a low silver-coating, you cannot get higher density than Dmax = 2.2 Only microfilm are not an answer for better films in a better future of AgHal-photography.

    Thats the reason, why Gigabitfilm use films with higher degree of monodispers distribution than microfilms, that means, there must be a better resolution than in microfilms, when you compare in the same wavelenght. And we use films with more silver on it, for a Dmax = more than 4.0. Now you can make diaslide. And we use a sensibilisation up to 700 nanometers, because nearly 30 % of all users had used in past red or orangefilters for more dramatic landsapes.

    I found it very well, when Rollei will bring the TechnicalPan successor in 120 rollfilm. Gigabitfilm try to build up a production for the 320-film, a film in the length of the 120, but without paperbackside for better planety. This 320 is like a 220 except, that the film will have the lenghth of a 120. Since two month I am waiting to get the first cutted rolls for internal testing.

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    Large Format
    If you want detail and no worries about grain you could always get a larger format camera. I would have to say that even moving up just to 4x5 was liberating in a lot of ways for me after trying to take a 6x7 medium format camera to the limit. Before you have used up most of that stockpiled film you may find yourself leaning in that direction. That said, if you want to stay in medium format, Efke 25 is a great film in so far as detail and grain. I have only used it in 4x5 though. I know some people say they have had problems with it, but I haven't had problems with quality control or soft emulsion, but then I don't try to develop in a tray, so that may have something to do with it.
    Good luck on your quest

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    If grain is an issue, I wouldn't use Rodinal. Don't get me wrong, I like Rodinal, but when I use it I accept the fact that it enhances grain. You will get smoother results (less grain) from a less acute developer. If you pay attention to the other factors influencing sharpness, it will be an excellent trade off, assuming reducing grain is what you want. ( That's what I gathered in the OP.)

    Much of the "quality control" issues surrounding the Efke films is that they are very soft emulsions, and require extra care when they are wet.

    On the 120 format, you might consider PMK or Pyrocat, as the stain tends to mask grain.
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    That's just, like, my opinion, man...

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    This is all good info, thanks!

    I am not trying to get large format quality out of 120 ( that is what TechPan is for, LOL! ) I am just trying to home in on the best combos for landscape and still life and people imagery from 120.

    I just got my sample bag from Freestyle, Acros 100, Efke 25, Rollie Pan 25, Rollie Ortho 25, Adox Ortho 25 and even some IR 820. I also picked up some 1D-II and D76.

    I just need to try out these films when time permits and see what grabs me. I also have 50 rolls of HIE in 35mm coming that I want to shoot in Iceland and Greenland this Summer, so between that and the Kodachrome Project, I might be putting 120 on the back burner anyway.

    I am driving my girlfriend nuts either way, when I told her of the HIE, she looked at me stone faced and asked: " And where it that going to live?"
    "I'm the freak that shoots film. God bless the freaks!" ~ Mainecoonmaniac ~

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