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Oh and Kirk, thanks for the link to Frank Gardner and his 'CamAro'.
Yeah, sorry on the name there. I'm not really an American Muscle Car guy. More into Lotuses (Loti?). Speaking of which, my dad owns a car that Frank Gardner drove in 1965 - a Lotus 30 sports racing car. Here's a photo of Frank driving my dad's car at the 1965 Austrian Grand Prix.


The chassis of the car broke midway thought the race and Frank managed to keep the car running and even finished in 3rd place! Frank found it difficult to look anyone straight in the eyes for a week (he said he felt like Eddie Cantor, a singer with the Ziegfeld Follies who was known for his 'banjo eyes') due to the vibration from the Lotus 30 breaking its chassis. He was certainly a driver's driver.

Interesting info about the pharmacy business. You certainly do need to keep very good track of units for that!