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Thread: Lith Printing

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    I use a red safelight. As I said did the test, no problem. As far as exposure times anywhere from 20 to 50 sec. Dev time as much as 12 min. w/ constant aggitation. I tryed the Ansco 70 again the other day at 1:1:16. Again took forever to start to come up and then just stalled after 9 min. My lens is set at f12. I use a 150 watt bulb in a condensor enlarger. Again looks overall flat gray in highlights. I did try one thing. I put 1 gram of Metol in the mix. In 2 sec. the print was completely black. Potent stuff! This of coarse was after it was already diluted. Talk about infectious.
    Leslie D. Wall
    AKA DeBone75

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    20-50 seconds @ f/12 is about equivalent to what I'm doing with Varycon. But I have used either Fotospeed LD20 or Maco Superlith for my forays with this paper. I don't really know how the A-70 developer works compared to them.
    Now I'm using Arista Lith, which is a gallon kit that lasts forever. It's very cheap, but takes some getting used to. It's not as easy as the other two in my opinion. I had to mix a stronger solution and use more chemistry. I also found when I started lith printing that it was very important to clean out the chemistry trays (and do a good job) before using them.
    My printing session yesterday lasted three hours, and I ran about twelve 8x10 prints through the 3 liters of chemistry I had prepared. I keep the chemistry at about 75*F by using a heater element under the trays, and a submersible Kodak darkroom thermometer in the developer. Works great.

    I don't know what else to recommend you do. If your maximum development time for Varycon is 12 minutes, then you may be over-exposing. The more exposure you give the print in the enlarger, the less contrast you will get (along with faster times for developing the print). If you decrease the exposure and develop longer, you will get an increase in contrast.
    So in my mind there are three possibilities.
    1. Either the paper you are using is not suited well for lith (but we figured out that Varycon RC and Kentmere WT should work and has for others).
    2. Your exposure time is too long.
    3. There might be some contaminant in your developer either from the tray or from the equipment you use to mix your chemistry.
    I'm sure there are more reasons, but that's what I can think of right now.

    Keep trying. I swore many times before I got lith printing going somewhat smoothly.

    - Thomas
    "Often moments come looking for us". - Robert Frank

    "Make good art!" - Neil Gaiman

    "...the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera". - Yousuf Karsh

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeBone 75 View Post
    I did try one thing. I put 1 gram of Metol in the mix.
    In 2 sec. the print was completely black. Potent stuff!
    This of coarse was after it was already diluted.
    Talk about infectious.
    Metol does not produce infectious development.
    That quick black does bespeak of the high ph
    of the solution. Metol though is a very
    active developing agent. Dan

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