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Thread: TRI-X Update

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    Nov 2002
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    I ordered some TRI-X from Calumet last week and was told that they were shipping only the new emulsion so I only ordered one box for a try. To my dismay, and delight, I recieved the old emulsion. Had I know that, I would have ordered more. I will complain.

    I also order some HC110. The new bottle has frosty clear, instead of the opaque grey. When I poured it out, the color was lighter and it was thinner then the old bottle. The old bottle was only a few months old so age would have little effect.

    As for the times, the first batch were slightly over developed and I had to shorten my times. I used 1/46 from concentrated, new time 7 minutes, old, 9 miniutes, agitation 10 secs/minute in HP Combi tanks.

    This leads me to believe that the shorter HC110 times everybody is concerned about, is due to the developer, and not the new emulsion.

    Kodak now recommends HC110 dil B for 3.75 minutes. It is interesting to note that the AA book, The Negative, in Appx 1 has test times for TRI-X in HC110 dil B at 4.25 mins, ASA 160, a 30 sec difference. Also, if you look at the Kodak development chart, it has essentially the same times for all other developers, with HC110 having the most drastic change.

    Just some observations to pass along.
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    Interesting about the HC110, I did not know of any change in the formula. The only different version is sold in Europe as a less concentrated syrup which you dilute 1:9 to make dilution B. (Kodak CAT 500 1466).

    I also wondered about the new 3.75 time for Tri-X, seems like an error to me. Seems more like the Dil A time.

    I use Dil B and mix one shot from the concentrate. My times are 6 mins normal development @68deg (ASA 250) small tank. I am also working with Dil H 1:63 (unofficial) to try and get longer development times and to use as a compensating developer.

    Kodak's technical pub on Tri-X states that development times shorter than 5 minutes may produce unsatisfactory uniformity. I guess this was just a general statement without any specific developer mentioned. But it worried me enough not to go too short on the time.


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    Nov 2002
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    From RAP in the densitometer thread:
    "BTW, ordered more old emulsion TRI-X 4x5 on Tuesday from Calumet. They said they had about 100 boxes left."

    I received the latest issue of Camera Arts yesterday. In his article on Kodak B&W films (very short!), Steve Simmons says kodak has not yet moved its Tri-x sheet film manufacture to the new plant. "Old" Tri-x sheet may be all that's available even after Calumet reorders. Just a caution that you shouldn't hold off buying Tri-x sheet film waiting for the immanent arrival of "new" tri-x.



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