My shooting style is very film. I use to travel with many different films for my artworks but while shooting in Africa in 97 I decided that with a bit of testing and really looking at what I was shooting day in and day out I could cut my carry down to just a single film and keep it very simple. This is not to say that I NEVER shoot other films but rather I try to only carry one at a time and for my current artworks the TMY-2 fits the bill perfectly at 400 (box speed). The push example for me really is just an informal presentation on how this films looks at 1600...other films may or may not be better? My example is only to illustrate how this film looks pushed to 1600 and nothing gives me a good idea if I need to ever push TMY-2 to 1600 what to expect. I'd love to hear any results others may have comparing this with other films pushed or faster films but for my needs again the TMY-2 looks just fine.

Stephen Schaub