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In my research I've come to realize that Liver
of Sulfur is a whole lot of possibilities of
chemical makeup and misnomers.

But underlying all of the quality control is the fact
that even plain vanilla Kodak T-8 works well as
a preserver of images.

However, I am shocked at seeing that Liver
of Sulphur in water apparently has a pH
near sodium hydroxide? Or what am I
forgetting or overseeing?
The polysulfide is essentially a sulfide with
excess sulfur attached; sulfide Na2S, poly
Na2S2, 3, 4, 5. Sulfur dissolves in any
soluble sulfide.

T-8 IS a polysulfide toner. Likely it has the
characteristics of a one-size-fits all formula
and is suitable for tinkering.

Read that IPI report one more time. According
to them Sodium sulfide VERY dilute will do the
job. In mind were large scale commercial
applications using the poly.

All that having microfilm and microfiche
in mind. Dan