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Then I made a real mistake

Yup... it's a symptom of the post pregnancy mommy brain drain. You're probably a real wiz at changing diapers now, but since all the newborn first time baby stuff takes up a big portion of your brain, you'll find keeping track of ISO's and films taxing!

Don't worry... you may never recover from the mommy brain drain, but you'll adjust!! Hope you'll share your results!!
Around 1994 I had the opportunity to be a darkroom monitor in Denver. The guy had a lease on this old warehouse and he had a public darkroom in the back.

I've never forgotten Kathy. She started as an absolute beginner, but in not too many months, oh my, I was getting jealous. She was a great photographer.

Dorothea Lange, Immogene Cunningham, Diane Arbus, I could go on.

And Kathy.