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Knew that would grab your attention….

Recently found some old, long forgotten exposed rolls of Agfa SuperPan ASA 200, 36 exposures.

These have got to be perhaps 40+ years old, can’t even vaguely remember buying these in the first place.

Anybody out there remember these?

Was Superpan by any chance the predecessor to Agfapan Vario-XL Professional, (chromogenic C-41 type processing)?

For those who don’t even remember Vario-XL that was a film that beside being C-41 B&W, you could even change ISO/ASA ratings, mid roll, frame by frame, and still get decent results according to Agfa (I got fair results by the way).

Anyway, back to SuperPan…Checked every piece of Agfa data I have, as to what developer I would use,to no avail!

Nothing is listed, nothing mentioned …nada … zip, like it never existed!

I assume I could use what Rodinal I have left, (my Atomal or Refinal stock is looong gone), but what are the crucil times if anyone remembers!

One last thing, and this may sound weird, the film has a strong chemical smell, almost like “Developer”. Yes I realize that 40+ year old film could possibly break down and have a funny smell, but other equally old (non Agfa ) film has no odor. Could Agfa have put some type of developing agents in the emulsion, as they did with the old Portriga Speed PE, and Brovira Speed PE enlarging paper?

Once again Agfa Superpan anyone out there remember this one?

Agfa Time Machine… All Aboard…

If you have "the vinegar blues" it's no good. All of the negs from my father, ca. 1944 are junk due to the decomposition of the acetate. Fortunately, the prints are still great.

Salvaging the old acetate movie films is in panic phase in Hollywood. They did the nitrates many years ago because they knew they would decompose. Apparently they thought acetate was safe. Someone must have opened a can.....