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    Bessa L:

    Earlier in this thread, I suggested finding a reel you can live with. You can practice and master the art of loading steel reels as most suggest, or you can stop sweating it and get on with the fun part.

    I'm very reluctant to say this out loud, but developing film isn't like fixing a swiss watch. I can hear the perfectionists out there jumping to their keyboards, but...if you're sitting there thinking you'll never get the film on the reel and see your wonderful exposures, and this whole endeavor is threatened, then:

    Go into a dark room with a jug of developer, a jug of fixer, and a bowl. Fill the bowl with developer, pull the film out of the cartridge and drop it into the bowl. Give it a slosh now and then. Or if you want to get fancy, hold the ends of the film and see-saw the film through the developer. When your watch beeps, dump the developer and fill the bowl with fixer. Final rinse in the kitchen sink, dip in Fotoflow, and hang to dry. Print, and enjoy. Improve your technique later. Learn to load the reel of your choice without scratching or creasing it when you are tired of slumming it.

    I've done the bowl thing, and even the "shake-and-bake" in a ziplock bag, in the strangest places when travelling. No biggie.

    "Reels? We don't need no stinking reels!"

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    thanks david william .. interesting suggestion!

    i'm back to my plastic reels, though ... they work very well when i'm not confined.

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