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    Quote Originally Posted by df cardwell View Post
    I think I'm with you on about 90%, Doctor, but not completely.

    While I AM a practitioner of witchcraft, alchemy, factorial development or ... inspection,
    there is no argument from me about the need for development for a 'sufficiently long' time.
    All of this suits my temperament, and the mystery and slow paced progress is what has kept me enchanted by the craft for 40+ years. There are many different ways to make good prints, and I believe we each need to work out a method that is successful and fulfilling for ourselves. The proof IS in the pudding, but also in enjoying the MAKING of the pudding.
    Well said. I think one of the great things about darkroom work (vs. digital) is how personal it is and how one's work methods are a personal expression as much as a simple image.
    Jerold Harter MD

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    Quote Originally Posted by df cardwell;629702
    I think - if anything - that there is a misunderstanding of what is going on in an 'inspection' darkroom.[/I]
    I think you are making way too much out of this. I think most people who spend time in a darkroom know that you can pull a print out at a point before the increase in density begins to slow to a crawl. If that is your method, then, well, that is you method. Lots of people use it and it works just fine. I sure don't have any complaints about it.

    However, I continually resist your suggestion that your experience in the darkroom is one of unfettered rhapsodic creativity while others are slaves to cold, scientific procedure.

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