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    ..the problem

    ..what causes this is the use of a non-acid or low-acid fix.

    if you are having this condition you need to use a stop bath, a strong one!
    i would also add some sodium sulfite to the stop just to make sure your developer action is truly stopped.

    use a good fix. the Kodak rapid fix is best.

    leave the lights off till the film is completely fixed.



    Quote Originally Posted by Contrastique View Post
    As you might have read in the previous thread I shot some ATP and developed in HC110 and Rollei RLC. Did the same with the Kodak TP.

    Something strange happened with the TP and ATP in the RLC developer and I'm not sure what it is. It looks like some sort of liquify-photoshopfilter applied in the unsharp parts but it's in the negative for sure. I first thought with the TP that it had something to do with its too short development but then I noticed the same thing to occur with the ATP as well... I really can't explain it.

    First batch:
    ATP & TP developed for 6 minutes in Rollei RLC. ATP treated as a 40 asa, TP treated as a 25 asa. TP really underdeveloped so the contrast has been a bit enhanced in photoshop. I think it will be quite printable though as the "effect" looks pretty cool to me so I'll definitely will give that a go.
    ATP has not been photoshopped except for dust removal and I made the landscape photo a little darker.

    Second batch:
    ATP and TP developed for 5 minutes in HC110. Same asa values. ATP a tad overdeveloped as I lost some detail in the highlights. No changes in photoshop except for dust removal.

    The grain seems with both films a lot less when developed in HC110 then in the RLC but maybe I did something wrong...and I'm looking at scans...

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    Who uses "other chemicals" as recommended, may end up with "other results". To make the best use for the image photography of the ROLLEI ATP1.1 film, he is especially tuned to the recommended Rollei ATP DC developer, and to apply to the detailed rules. Any use of other individual chemicals, will show different results.

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