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Thread: Henry Wilhelm

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    Jun 2003
    Good Day, Fellow Apuggers!

    Perhaps this isn't the correct spot for this message, but I just wanted to alert the group to a front-page article on Henry Wilhelm in The Wall Street Journal today. It doesn't have much technical detail, but it provides a lot of background information on Mr. Wilhelm and his dedication over the years; as is typical of the publication, the article is well-written and entertaining.
    Unfortunately, it does not mention anywhere the general superiority of silver-based materials compared to D**** stuff!


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    Sep 2002
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    Back in the 70's, I bought Henry's little booklet. Used it aand bought several copies for my friends. He then asked me to pre-buy his new book, that he was working on, that promised to be the difinitive book on B&W archival research. A year and a half later, with constant re-promises, he declares bankruptcy. I wasn't so mad about time and money wasted as the fact I would never get to see any of the research. Several years pass. He does finally publish a book. Only he has decided that color is the way to go. Very little B&W information is included. Everyone praises him and he goes on to fame and awards. I have never bought his book nor read his articles nor bought anything he has endorced. There I've finale gotten my $26.00 worth off my chest.
    Grain- it's a three dimensional problem.



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