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    My experience with Azo is that it curls no more and probably less then most double weight papers. I dry mine face down on screens without anything on top of them. I flatten my Azo prints the same way I flatten all prints...by using a drymounting press. Handling the paper when wet takes a little getting used to. Using two fingers and a thumb guarantee a crease in the print. The use of tongs will do the same. The 130, from what I have heard, is really not markedly less expensive then Amidol when considering the number of prints processed. 130 has a lot of chemical in it. Amidol is the most active photo developing agent. I had a negative awhile back that was over developed and I used water bath development. With only 8 seconds in Amidol and the remaining 52 seconds in water the print developed beautifully. In my experience I run out of developer in the tray (from carryover) before the developer runs out of gas.
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    IF anyone is interested Michael Smith has a website on Azo paper and is one of the only real true crusaders of keeping it on the market. I buy from him because if it wasn't for him and paula we wouldn't have azo anymore. also he has a forum on azo and developers so give it a try and learn about azo and the different deveopers his azo followers use. By the way when michael and paula are in town they answer questions on the forum all the time.regards
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    I certainly agree if i was going to use the AZO on a regular basis I would be buying from Michael and Paula. Who knows, I may like these little gems so much i will go back to 4 x5 negatives more often.
    Glad to hear that the single weight paper is not going to be a drying problem. I too, put dry prints in a dry mount press and let them sit there till i get around to mounting them. Handle little gadget that press.

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