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    Joe Lipka's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Cary, North Carolina
    4x5 Format
    Open up a 35 mm camera with film it? Sure, I did that. When I was an instructor for a basic photography class. Right up there in the front of the class. Mr. Expert Photographer does a no no. What to do? "All right, class, don't ever do what I just did. Remember to check the film counter before you open up the camera..."
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    Sep 2002
    S.E. New York State
    I just had to dig up this old thread.

    Last night I was enjoying a pleasant evening of printing. After an hour or so, I noticed that the test strips that I had done earlier in the evening were becoming decidedly discolored. I checked the label on my solution bottles and sure enough, I had filled my third tray with Perma wash instead of fixer. :oops:

    A word to the wise, they aren't interchangable.<G>
    That is called grain. It is supposed to be there.
    =Neal W.=

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    Oct 2002
    Denver, CO
    Multi Format
    A few years ago I wanted to test xp2 film. I had the roll next to some rolls of fp4 that needed to be developed. I picked up a roll and loaded it onto the spool. Once I turned on the light and saw the paper backing and realized that I could no longer take the roll in for c-41 processing. So I decided to what would happen with PMK.
    To my amazement the negatives came out very printable. The contrast was a little high but still made nice prints. I planned on testing further to hone in on the perfect time and dilution but haven't done so yet. This was my first adventure into cross processing by accident.


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    Jul 2003
    New Brunswick, Canada
    Medium Format
    Probably not enough room on this site to list all the gaffes over 30 years. Back in the speed graphic days, once walked out of a newsroom with empty backs. Technically not my fault, but I should have checked them. Luckily, a photog from another paper let me use some spares for that story until I could get back to my own shop. (would that happen today?)
    A couple of months ago, I was testing some 120. Ran the developer, stop bath and fixer in the usual manner. Was just going to put it in the stop bath when I saw my syringe of HC110 sitting full on the bench. I'd forgotten to put it in the developer water before starting. Thank gawd there wasn't a client waiting for the results.
    Fortunately, when you get to be 66 here in Canada you're allowed to have a senior moment once in a while.
    This is getting off the topic, but I just recently bought myself a 45 Pacemaker Crown Graphic(the graphic was the camera I learned on) and started using it again. I'd forgotten how much fun those old beasts could be to use. It's a lot lighter and easier to use than my Toyo field and it's making it fun all over again. Hope it's not a sign I'm slipping into my second childhood.
    Anybody else rediscovering the fun of the game with oldtime gear?

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    Jun 2003
    If you consider I still use my second decent camera after 33yrs, yes (Spotmatic).
    And the main camera, 'though purchased recently, is an ESII - some 30yrs.

    I know, I know, compared to some of you LF guys this may be brand new equipment...

    Jorge O

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