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    Old Tasma fim test

    I read that Tasma (Russia) no longer sells retail 35mm film and bought some 1988 dated Tasma 65 Gost (80 ISO) for reloadable cassettes off ebay.
    Results in the recommended Agfa 12 developer:
    EI sun/shade =40
    Resolution on film =50 line-pairs/mm with Canon 50mm f1.8 (I get 75 lppm with Adox/Efke 25)
    After photographing a gray card on a black card, stand developing FX-1 half-strength 120 min 68F:
    Edge effect =hardly any.
    Conclusion:I did not test tonality.Tasma 65 does not show strong edge effects like 'old' emulsion Adox/Efke, Plus-X (see attachment),it was more like FP-4.This may be due to addition of iodide or dyes to the emulsion,it had this technology.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails edge effects FX-1.jpg  
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