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Is Caffenol in the 3rd edition? I know it's not in the second. And I know for a fact my version isn't in it! :o :rolleyes:

Now I just need to get out and shoot off a roll to develop. I just don't have the energy most days with my Idiopathic Hypersomnia to even get out of the house for long. I spend way too much time sleeping it seems and they have no idea why....

Caffenol is not in the third edition, but there are enough recipes online that you can try. Being more alchemy than chemistry, I don't think it's the kind of formula Steve et al are trying to present. I did borrow a page from the Cookbook (page 74, to be precise... now why did I remember that? ) and added a 10% Bromide solution to my Caffenol paper recipe. This is in an attempt to coax a little more contrast out of the higher tones of my Caffenol prints. Because coffee-based developers are somewhat less scientific in their formulation, it is difficult to quantify the effects of such tweaking, but I do think my prints have taken a considerable step forward since I started printing with this process. (Toning with Selenium doesn't hurt either... if you like yummy-looking chocolate prints... )