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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon D. View Post
    Thanks! However, as I said earlier, I could be gone for an unknown number of weeks. And like I said, some of the film I'll be using has already expired or is nearing its expiration date -- it's not all new film.
    What I would do, is get several Tupperware type containers, enough to hold all your film, plus an extra. Also get a roll of red and green electrical tape. Fill all the containers with film, except one. Put a strio of green tape around the outside edge, and a green X on the top. Fill your camera bag with enough film for two days. Shoot the first day, at the end take out the shot film, put it in the empty tupperware container, and put a red tape X on the top. Open one of your containers of film, and take out the same number of rolls. Put a dot with a marker on each film box you take out. You use the rolls without the dot first. The next day you do the same thing, except use 2 dots. Drain the water from the cooler and add fresh ice. When the red container is full, put a strip of red tape around the outside, and remove the X from the top. Take the now empty Tupperware container and remove the green X and put a red X on it. You always then know which containers have used and unused film in them.
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    Believe it or not...the ground temperature in Death Valley can exceed 200F during the day in summer. I put my film in one of those red or blue six pack plastic coolers you can buy at the grocery. I've never had really good luck with film in ziplocks in the cooler, somewhere along the line on a two week trip, it gets wet in there and makes a mess. The six pack cooler doesn't keep it below 55 degrees, but it does prevent the extreme afternoon spiking of temperatures if you have to leave it in the car buttoned up.

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    For an extended road trip across Canada a friend of mine bought one of those coolers that plug into the cigarette lighters in cars. She had a variety of film - IR, slide, B&W. The cooler had a dual function and could also keep things warm. In the push to get home on time she drove 2 days, and discovered that those last 2 days the cooler had been set on hot and she'd been cooking her film. Thought she'd wreaked it all, but everything developed OK.

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