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    I'd second Pyrocat HD. I haven't tried it with TMY-2 yet, (because I have a 5 year + supply of TMY in the Freezer) but it is a great developer for TMY.

    John Bowen

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    I'm starting to use Pyro and Rodinal excluding all others except for maybe Edwal 12 which I also really like -but haven't done more than maybe 20 real negs in it
    Starting to get into real zone system rather than half "meager" stepping it -even if those 1/2 steps are in reality full steps "real zone system technique"
    I've used a homemade Julia Child bomb type ABC pyro (little bit of this and touch of that) which really turned out just fine IMO giving very "clean" negatives and now a proper PMK formulation which seems to give more base fog than ABC but stains just as well and works well so far with stand development -every 15 minutes agitation for an hour+

    Pyro probably doesn't benefit me too much in taming large EV differences in nature around here -yet to see a scene needing N-2
    Los Angeles on the beaches of Santa Monica or Oceanside perhaps .or Death Valley

    Pyro/Rodinal/Edwal 12 may just be the only developers I use for all film format forever
    Really nice looks and nice sharpness all of them with only drawbacks being health concerns of the Pyro and E12 and speed losses
    Pyro and Rodinal are also very economical

    Another developer I tried out was a glycin only developer which turned out very sharp perhaps sharper than my bomb ABC pyro I "tested" it against but wasn't as clean a developer due at least in part to using 300 year old glycin ..but it did work and is probably worth trying with fresh Glycin someday

    I'll never be a hardcore technician so don't trust me or my figures
    I just go with my instincts
    The one developer I have an instinct to "never" use again eventhough I used it for two years almost exclusively with no real negatives against it
    Just don't see anything real great about it
    sharpness even at 1:3
    Just don't like it anymore/Very solid all-around developer, though

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