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    Nov 2002
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    Hi folks,
    the situation is this... for large format and medium format, i've settled on 320 Tri-x pro rated at 160 processed in pyrocat HD and printed on Bergger VCCB paper. overall, i've been very satisfied with the results. nice strong blacks and whites and a good tonal range.

    for 35mm though, i've always used tri-x 400 and rated at 200 now usually developed in pryocat. i've become unhappy with the tonal range of tri-x in 35mm. it has a long gray scale but not much in the way of brillant whites. shades of gray sums it up.

    I've tried using apx100 and fuji acros for a better tonal range but at my rated ei 50, they are too slow for handheld work in the real world. David's remark in a previous thread, concerning his use of acufine with 4x5 tri-x sheet film rated at 640 got me to thinking about using Acros with Acufine for an ei of about 200. that would be sufficient for handholding 35mm since that's what i rate tri-x at. BTW, I've tried HP5 plus and neopan 400 and don't like them, so they're not alternatives for me.

    does anyone have experience with films in the ei 100 range developed in acufine?

    would a rating of 200 provide decent shadow detail?

    is plus/minus development possible?

    how is replenished acufine vs. use as a one shot?

    for all the years acufine has been around, there seems to be relatively little info available on the Web. and really no info concerning its use with newer films including Acros and Delta 3200.

    i'm going to start my own testing this weekend and report back here, but any observations you have would be helpful.
    Take care,

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    Large Format
    I don't use enough regular Acufine to justify replenishing it, but I do reuse it. I buy the one gallon can, keep track of the number of rolls/sheets I've used, and pour it back into the bottle when I'm done. The basic recommendation is to increase development time by 2% after 16 rolls/quart, so after 64 rolls/gallon, and it's very long lasting, so if you were replenishing, you could process a lot of film before having to replenish.

    It is very handy to have one developer that I can just use out of the bottle at room temperature usually and pour it back when I'm done.
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    I use a lot of Acufine with Apx 100 shot at 200 and have always been happy with the results. However if I use it with studio strobes I shoot it at 100 with the same development time. The short duration of my strobes causes a one stop reciprocity.
    My understanding for replenishment is to do it after each batch to maintain consistancy. When I have replenished I only replenish half as much as is recomended because I begin to notice less contrast. enjoy pjc
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