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    Quote Originally Posted by markbarendt View Post
    A bad day of photography is better than a great day at work.
    Well put! I will print that and stick it to my cubicle wall at work!

    "We are much more likely to act our way into a new way of thinking than think our way into a new way of acting." - R. Pascale

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    AS some alluded to above, some of us are "photo hobbyists" first and foremost, and the joy of messing around with cameras and film and developers and tanks and paper is the most important part of our hobby. The fact that we get a few prints to show our friends is a sidelight. I have a framed picture of the Rideau Canal in winter at my front door. It was shot on Eastman 5247, without an 85 filter, developed in home brew C-41 developer, and printed on AGFA ep-2 Paper using re-mixed C-41 chemicals. I did that print because the last frame on the roll had gotten some scratches on the base and I wanted to see how visible they were.

    Turned out the scratches look a bit like driven snow, and complemented the Ice in the Canal, which was just freezing that day and so had no skaters on it. The whole picture looks forlorn and gloomy, and when i looked at it the next day, I decided to get it a frame.

    I am probably an extreme case!

    For anyone who is doing photography as a profession, doing sufficient testing to be able to predict how your normal material will react to various conditions is the difference between a profitable assignment and an expensive and embarrassing re-shoot.

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