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Thread: Print Washing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Reed View Post
    If it's got a smell, presumably non too healthy, there must be bugs in there feeding on organic matter. My thought is that as long as it is filtered and you finish with a clean rinse you should be ok. Mucky water can have benefits -seawater works fine for the main wash as long as there is a freshwater rinse at the end, & is very efficient as it acts as it's own hypo clear.

    So it would be interesting to know how hard/soft the water is, as hard water is significantly more efficient than soft. At extreme risk of blowing my own trumpet, this is a link to the PDF's on the Silverprint site - one of them, 'Mysteries of the Vortex' is about printwashing, done for 'Photo Techniques' mag in 1996. But it does cover every washing test we could think of, most of which I think were experimentally valid. We didn't test using water as you describe, but we did some variations on water volume, which proved that as long as you allow enough time for diffusion to take place, and the prints are well separated, you can get away with very small volumes of wash water.


    Dios Mio! Thank you so much. This is SO helpful!
    I'm going to go out and set up the different methods I've gathered, and see the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopscotch View Post
    Hey guys,

    I've recently had to go through the trouble of moving my darkroom from a laundry room to a closet in our barn. The personal space is nice, it's also smaller, so I can feel around better in the dark. The problem, though, is that there is no running water in the darkroom, and the sink on the other side of the barn is completely untreated well water. (Smells terrible, cloudy, a very little amount of sediment). I have a huge cooler that I fill up every once in awhile with the clean filtered water in the house and carry out there.

    Back in the laundry room, I just kept my prints in a tray under running water in the sink for 5-10 minutes, agitating "whenever I remembered" and they came out fine.

    Now I don't have that luxury. So what are your suggestions on washing at this point? should I bring my prints back into the house for this? I'm not really looking into going into the market for a 300$ print washer.
    I do mostly street photography, so the print doesnt have to be absolutely impeccable, but I dont want to ruin it either.
    I would contact your county or state/province and see if they test well water (some do), if you can get the barn water tested, and then filter it, that may be fine for photographic use.
    Paul Schmidt
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    The greatest advance in photography in the last 100 years is not digital, it's odourless stop bath....

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