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    Quote Originally Posted by jnanian View Post
    ian ...

    the "full" cathode is mailed to the manufacturer and they
    write a check. they send in the cathodes when they have a huge amount
    to be refined. the person de-silvering his fixer, from what i understand,
    does not have to worry about minimum smelting and assay costs, they are paid
    for what is on the cathode ( less the cathode ) ...

    there are always easy ways of doing things that cost next to nothing
    like we have seen in the other thread, there are lots of ways to de-silver
    fixer/wash water that do not cost much at all, aluminium foil and evaporation costs nothing!

    BUT ... after the steel wool is used up,
    the copper flashing is done with,
    the precipitate is filtered from solution,
    one still has to "deal" with the sludge ..

    i know reinhold mentioned he gets very pure silver, and he uses it for jewelry but
    no one else said what they do with their sludge ?

    mailing in a cathode seems a lot easier than drying out sludge and dealing with it...
    it would take a long time to
    get the cathode full of silver (unless you process and print constantly!),
    but 1182g of would be about 570$ ......


    i'm not sure if the fixer would be usable ....
    i could ask ...
    at 2L a year, it would take a long long time ...

    i guess it would be too easy to have it turn off
    One of the issues with mailing an item like this, is that it also depends largely on where it needs to go. For example if it has to go to the US, mailing rates for here in Canada are high enough, over seas rates can be considerably higher.
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    hi paul

    i will have a bunch of questions for them
    to see if they have any out of USA vendors they work with ..


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