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    Quote Originally Posted by ntenny View Post
    Of course, if the other roll in the same tank showed any images at all, it can't be a "fixer went in first" problem. On the other hand, it seems strange that developer at the point of failure would develop most of one roll and *nothing* on the other. From the available information, I'd guess that the blank roll was never exposed.

    It would be helpful to know if the edge markings came out, though.

    Good point. Makes me think perhaps developer volume could be a suspect as well...
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    There is generaly some of the leader left on a roll of 35mm film when the tank is loaded. That should be uniformly BLACK. and as mentioned the edge print is a good check point. if all three are blank you have developer failure. if the edge print and the black part of the leader is there you have camera or exposure problems.
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    Wow...this is quite an outpouring of helpful hints and comments. Thanks!!

    After careful review, I have to grudgingly acknowledge that it was a bonehead mistake. The camera in question is a Leica M3 that gave me problems when I was learning how to load film. I thought I had worked out the kinks...making sure that the arrow on the rewind nob showed the film being advanced. I guess I reverted to my old, dumb habit of thinking the roll was spooled correctly when it was not. The second roll (at the bottom of my two reel tank) came out OK save for 4 exposures.

    I am going to brew a fresh developer (X-Tol) and try again with a few more rolls I have waiting to be developed.

    Thanks again to everyone offering their thoughts and comments.

    ...I am thinking I like it here. 8-)


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