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Yup- these negs sure have "tamed contrast" alright, I'd say they pretty much have the shit tamed out of them all-around! I guess the author of that article must have been on to something, Ed!

Tried D76 1:1 and a bottle of DD-X I bought on a whim a while back...Jorge, you were right about agitation, tried some near-stand development in both developers, but the best (relatively speaking) results came actually from throwing the remainig 8 negs into my Nikor 4x5 tank for constant agitation at 1/2 normal time in the DD-X. Flat and bulletpoof, but really not as bad as I expected. Some people might consider them printable.

One thing, it sure says something about the tolerance of TMY for BIG-time overexposure!... If I HAD to pull a print from these negs , I think I could come up with something passable.

Not a totally wothless exersize in my book, at the least I figure every time I see a composition in the real-world, then see it in 2-D monochrome, my brain gets more acclimated to visualizing how things translate (I hope)...

Thanks to all who responded-
Nows your chance to play with some reducers! Folks, which one is it that is not proportional so some of the contrast can be regained?