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Mirko has said there are no plans to re-introduce APX25, and that it wouldn't be feasible anyway, some of the chemistry used is no longer available. In addition the sales of APX25 were too low anyway, and that was at a point when overall film sales where very much higher than today.

You've too many cameras Keith Bad as my Heinz 57 varieties

I might go 100 ISO in the 35mm and Pan F/Perceptol in the Mamiya given your choice. But I'd take the dev tank & chemistry & process on the fly, fine tuning.

Yes, but I have just a 90mm and 180mm for my MPP 5x4 and a 240mm for my Sinar 8x10, so not too many lenses.

I might just buy FP4 in 120 and 35mm developed in D-76 which I have used for years. I really do want to try Pan F Plus in diluted Perceptol, but I will need to try it first to find my personal EI and development time before using it for anything important, which is why I asked for advice about this film and developer to get an idea of what works for other photographers.
George is the only one who uses Pan F Plus in Perceptol so far.