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    That article I wrote entitled "Agitate or Ruminate" did not prove that stand development produced completely even development for either PMK or Rodinal. True, the unevenness I saw might not be noticed in most aplications, but it was there and in cases of a bright object against a darker background might be quite noticeable. Even stand development with the negative lying flat can show runs from very bright areas. I have done some experiments with Pyrocat-HD and a couple of variations of it using stand development with what appear to be good results. I think the critical issue is the difference between the specific gravity of the main part of the developer and the part next to the film. The less difference, the less likely to run.

    I just wanted to clarify what I found from my experiments. I don't think any of you is wrong in an absolute sense, but there are conditions where everyone of us could be wrong, even I. Usually, these conditions are different for each of us, which may lead to comparing oranges and grapefruit.
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    Well, thanks to everyone who replied. Probably a little too much detail for me right now, but great none the less.

    I've now got hold of some PMK from Silverprint and will try it out soon.

    One final question - I usually shoot mf with FP4+, Neopan 400 and recently Efke 25, and develop in Rodinal. Which one of these films is going to benefit most from using PMK?

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