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It it was an old darkroom, it may have Ilfsol S... I want to stress that this is different than Ilfsol 3... Ilfsol 3 is new and much better than the older stuff.

It's not too expensive and I guarantee you'll like the characteristics at least for normal films and hopefully for this older film


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So I decided to challenge myself since I was talking and everyone else says HC-110 is best so I took some and diluted it 1:25 instead of 1:31 and the difference is huge, I had MUCH clearer images with less base fog. I'm not sure why such a seemingly minute change in ratio would affect it, but it did, I also didn't really change my dev time from what I estimate, but unfortunately the film is old GAF film so the actual times are just made up, no one has a GAF Aerial film data sheet so I can't be entirely sure :/

Anyway, there are 3-4 examples in my gallery.

But the differences I noticed were that the HC-110 (S) yes I'm calling it dilution S for Stone :-P was very smooth grained, fine but not defined grain, gave a nice tonality but not at all contrasty, strong shadow detail. With Ilfsol 3 the grain is VERY defined, very sharp, the shadow detail is less but still there however the grain potency in sharpness is very heavy in a good way (IMHO). Umm the previous example of the nude in the MSA I posted (the one with the sprockets) is the same film in Ilfsol 3 to give you an example.

Anyway, please feel free to try both of those. I now accept HC-1110 (S) as an anti-fog option