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Before committing *some* rolls to an unknown procedure I would suggest you commit one test roll using a 1:15 dilution for both Solution A and B, 5 minute pre-soak at 75F, 5 minutes in Solution A at 75F and 5 minutes in Solution B at 75 minutes. Make sure you agitate vigorously at the beginning of development and ten seconds every minute during development.

Evaluate your results and make adjustments as necessary. Negatives too strong, change dilution to 1:20, to weak change to 1:10.

Sandy King
Hi everybody,

I need some advce.

I just received my Pyrocat HD and plan to use it on the followng film:

1) Ilford HP5+ ; and
2) Lucky SHD 100

Both are 35mm films.

Am I correct to say that if I'm using a two bath developer, the film speed and type of film does not matter. In alll cases, I simply follow Sandy's suggested 1:15 concerntration, at the recommended times?

In addition, I've read on the "largeformatphotography thread" that Sandy suggests using "photoflo" (see below).

Am I correct to say that photoflo is a generic term and Ilford's "Ilfotol" qualifies?

In addition, I'm using Ilford Rapid Fix (which I've read from Sandy's article, is ok and
Ilford "Ilfostop" stop bath. Does Ilfostop qualify as an "acetic" stop bath? It's description sounds like it does but I've no clue...

Any assistance given will be appreciated. Thanks

Sandy's directions in the large photography forum are set out below

a. Use a 1:15 or 1:20 dilution of Pyrocat Stock A and Stock B for most films. Add a few grams of PhotoFlo to the solution.
b. Pre-soak the film for two or three minutes in water at 75º F.
c. Develop for five minutes in working Solution A, at 75º F. Then drain the film for 15 seconds.
d. Develop for five minutes in working Solution B, at 75º F.
e. Use a 1/2 strength acetic acid stop bath for 10 seconds.
f. Fix in any standard fixer. I use an alkaline fixer (TF-3) but the use of a slightly acidic fixer is ok.
f. Wash the film for 10-15 minutes, drain and dry.