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The "expose for shadows, develop for highlights" philosophy is not new. Read "The Negative" by Ansel Adams.
Corollary - "don't underexpose or overdevelop film." That still pretty well sums it up.

The reputation of t-grain films for requiring more precise exposure comes in part, I think, instead from their sensitivity to development changes. While this responsiveness is an advantage to the careful zone system worker with sheet film, it's a recipe for problems for those shooting roll film and giving full manufacturer recommended development times or "just a little more to be sure." "Just a little more to be sure" is fine for exposure most of the time. For development, erring on the side of less is better than erring on the side of more.

If you really want excellent results over extreme ranges of exposure, shoot C41 - XP2 Super if you want black and white - and run it through standard C41. If Ilford made it in sheets I'd be sorely tempted to lay in C41 chems and stock up on it.